Name:_____________________________________Business Name:__________________________________.

Address:________________________City:____________________________State:_____ Zip:____________.

Phone: ( )________________________________Business Phone:( )_________________________.


Product, services or animals for exhibit:_________________________________________________________.

Names for Vendor Badges #1 ______________________________#2________________________________ .
1. Standard booths are $220, 8'x16', have two 3'x8' tables and two chairs.
Additional space, tables, and chairs can be purchased. (Upper floor Booth spaces are $170)
2. Booth space fee must be paid by September 1st, 2024 or you will be charged a $50 late fee. If you choose to pay at the door,
you will be charged an additional $50 late fee, must pay cash and your booth is not guaranteed.
3. *Set up time will be from 12 pm to 9 pm on Friday October 11th Only! All set up and vendor packet pick up must be done Friday night.*
* No Saturday load in except for animals 7:30am -8:30am must be ready before 9am for VIP customers.*
*No Animals and products can be brought to the show by non vendors. No exceptions.*
*Please plan to have all product/ animals delivered to your place of business prior to the show*
4. You will be supplied with 2 vendor badges that must be worn at all times. Additional badges are $10 each.
*All vendors must include all staff name/names that will be working the show on their registration form.*
*All vendors and their staff must wear vendor badges at all times no exceptions. No badge, No Entry.*
5. No table sharing, each vendor must have their own booth.
6. All vendors must have a banner.
7. All booth fees are non-refundable after September 1st, 2024.
8. All animals must be in good health and must be identified correctly.
9. No venomous reptiles allowed.
10. No species native to Utah allowed without proper permits.
11. No tortoises or turtles under 4 inches in length for sale.
12. Captive bred animals only.
13. All vendors are responsible for knowing and complying with all Local, State and Federal laws.
14. All sales are between vendors and their customers. All vendors are responsible for their
business sales tax. Your Utah Tax ID # will be set up for you by the Wasatch Reptile Expo
with the information provided at the top of this page and your signature at the bottom.
15. All vendors must issue receipts, with vendor name and contact info, for all items sold.
All receipts will be checked at the door to help prevent theft. All vendors need to make
their customers aware of sales terms, of any guarantee or return policies at time of sale.
16. Wasatch Reptile Expo, Utah State Fairpark and all it's employees or helpers will NOT be held
responsible for any loss under any circumstances.
17. All vendors take full responsibility for their animals/products and any damages/injuries they may cause.
18. Failure to abide by these agreements, you forfeit all fees paid and exit the expo.

Signature___________________________________ Date________________

Mail this form and all fees payable to: Guy Versluis PO Box 512 Tooele, Ut. 84074

Utah State Fairpark Grand Building
155 North 1000 West
Salt Lake City , Utah
For additional info call Guy at (435) 938-2266, email or

October 12th and 13th, 2024
Saturday, 10am to 6pm
Sunday, 10am to 4pm